Refrigerated cargo transport is not the same for every client or product. We provide customized temperature controlled solutions for each client on an individual basis from following your specific instructions on pick- up, conveyance, delivery and storage to the management of your goods in transit. The conveyance of your refrigerated, frozen or fresh goods requires temperatures to be matched to your specifications so that they remain in a steady state of refrigeration or freezing – and our Temperature-Controlled Trucking Service does exactly that. Our state-of-the-art temperature controlled trucks are able to both adjust to the specifics of your products but also maintain a steady-state throughout the entire trip. Our experienced refrigeration trucking drivers account for all aspects along the way from loading to inspection, weighing, delivery and time-to-store.)


Dry van shipping refers to the vehicle or compartment used to haul shipments. In this case, the “dry van” is the trailer you see connected to trucks on the highway every day. They’re big, rectangular containers, essentially. They’re considered the most common type of freight transportation, and they’re designed to haul pallets or boxes of cargo, as well as most any other type of equipment.

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